Unsatisfied with other laptops made by big brand manufacturers we decided to revitalize the market by introducing the Litebook. Litebooks are the perfect combination of beautiful hardware and software. Fast and intuitive the Litebook offers a computing experience like no other. Unlike Windows laptops, Litebooks are highly optimized, come without performance hogging bloatware, are designed to ensure your privacy, and are entirely free of malware and viruses, while unlike macs Litebooks are affordable, customizable, and are backwards compatible with windows software.

Tech Specs:

Litebook Specs


Litebook Ports


Apps for Litebook

Dozens of popular Applications are already supported natively on Litebooks such as Chrome, Spotify, Skype, and Steam. Those that aren’t are mostly compatible using the packaged backwards compatibility software: PlayOnLinux.

Spotify on Litebook


The Litebook is excellent for casual and light gaming. Steam for Linux has already reached over two thousand games with thousands more being available through windows compatibility. Furthermore, through emulators dozens of classic consoles are available, supporting most up to the Playstation, Gamecube, and DS. With an HDMI cable and a few bluetooth controllers the Litebook instantly becomes a retro console.

Halo Litebook Demonstration

Productivity Software:

WPS Office Logo

All Litebooks come preinstalled with With WPS Office Suite. WPS Office is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. We include WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheets free for life. No longer will you have to spend $150 on Microsoft Office.

WPS Writer on Litebook

Privacy and Security:

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elementary OS, the operating system used by Litebook follows a security first philosophy, and shares its codebase with the majority of web servers and many other mission critical applications.  Litebooks will not attempt to invade your privacy and sell your data like our competitors, nor will they come with annoying and insecure bloatware. The source code for elementary OS is available to the public, and is reviewed by the eyes of thousands of developers around the world who rapidly identify flaws before they can be exploited.

Litebook is Fully Certified:


Litebooks are compliant with with regulatory and technical standards throughout the United States, European Union, China, and Australia.

Can Windows be installed on Litebook?

Yes, all models of Litebook support Windows. We have chosen not to offer windows due to our desire to create a unified experience, and like with other computers the price of a Windows License would ultimately be passed down to the customer (around $100). We are very confident in Litebook’s backwards compatibility, but if you chose to install Windows yourself our hardware is more than capable. University students can often receive a Windows License for free or at a heavily discounted cost.


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Make your voice heard. By buying Litebook your showing that you disagree with the invasive spying practices, annoying bloatware, and outrageous pricing pushed by mainstream technology companies. We plan to spend a significant amount of our profits on making improvements to elementary OS and other opensource software used in Litebook. These will not only benefit our customers, but also hundreds of thousands who already use this software today.

Our website is currently undergoing major upgrades. Some features will be unavailable and bugs may occur. Please be patient and stay tuned for the new Alpha Litebox and Alpha Centurion. Litebook orders will still be processed. Dismiss