Introducing the Centurion Ultra and Centurion Nano – Two Ultrathin Aluminum Laptops

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Introducing the Centurion Ultra and Centurion Nano – Two Ultrathin Aluminum Laptops

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Hello everyone, we’ve been working hard on our two latest devices over the past several months, and are proud to finally make a public announcement. Thanks to you, we grew strong enough to bounce back from a catastrophic storm, and we’re giving back with improved versions of our feature laptop.


Our first new release is the Centurion Nano, an ultra-light laptop with heart-pounding performance. The Nano comes with two Intel Kaby Lake options: the i5-7200U, and the i7-7500U. You also have the choice of 8-16GB of RAM and storage of up to 1TB SSDs, and the potential to upgrade to 32GB of the latest DDR4 memory (single DIMM only).

We kept eye on your feedback for the Litebook v1’s touchpad, keyboard, and screen, and know you’ll see our improvements right away. The Nano’s matte 13.3” 1080p HD screen is vibrant and undistracting. Its backlit keyboard and polished clickpad sing to the touch, and its sculpted aluminum case is a visual delight.


Best of all, the Nano’s RAM, and network adapter are replaceable, and the bottom panel is as easy to remove as the Litebook’s.

Starting at $699, the Nano is an on-call workstation that takes the burden out of working on-the-go.


Our second release is the Centurion Ultra, a 15.6” laptop that runs full blast in each category. The Ultra comes with an Intel Kaby Lake i5-7200, and can be upgraded to an i7-7500U. Like the Nano, the Ultra comes with 8-16GB of RAM, and can also support up to 32GB of DDR4 memory (single DIMM only). Storage maxes out at 1TB SSDs, and an NVIDIA 940m makes the graphics just as formidable.


The Ultra shares the Nano’s screen, keyboard, clickpad, and case improvements, and can also have its RAM and network adapter easily upgraded. Where the Ultra goes one step further is with its second drive bay. Whether you want to beef up your storage or install a separate system, the Ultra will have a second drive installed in minutes.

Though it’s our new flagship, prices for the Ultra start at $749. If you need raw power, the Ultra is an unlimited source.


Centurion-Ultra-Left Centurion-Ultra-Right


With these on the market, our next goal is is to make Alpha OS, our fork of elementary and Ubuntu, publicly available. Stayed tuned for this release and expect an announcement in the near future. Some of its largest changes from elementary will be Numix Themes, the Numix Icon Set, External Deb and PPA Support, Desktop Icons, a Minimize Button, and the inclusion of LibreOffice along with a preinstalled GNOME App Suite.

  • Frank



    Had to look at the actual listings to see the weight. This is so much better now! Please, make a Nano with a 3:2 aspect ratio!! I cannot stand 16:9. It is a deal-breaker.

    3:2 aspect ratio with matte screen, lots of USB ports, HDMI, WiFi/BT, 128SD+256 is fine, LOUD front-facing speakers and 8gb ram (low-end device). This is what we’re all waiting for. Specs like above (especially the 3:2) at a good price.

    You already have everyone else beat on price. Now beat them on the single biggest issue facing Linux laptop owners today, a Document-Friendly screen.

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