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Unsatisfied with other big-brand laptops, we decided to revitalize the market with the Litebook. Litebooks are the perfect combination of beautiful hardware and fast software. Unlike Windows laptops, Litebooks are highly optimized, respect your privacy, and are protected against viruses.  Unlike Macs, Litebooks are affordable, customizable, and compatible with Windows software

Tech Specs:

Litebook Specs


Litebook Ports


Apps for Litebook

Chrome, Spotify, Skype, Steam, and many other popular applications have native support on Litebooks. Other Windows apps are compatible using PlayOnLinux, a respected open-source project.

Spotify on Litebook


The Litebook is excellent for casual and light gaming. Steam has over two thousand Linux games, with more arriving daily, and thousands more playable through PlayOnLinux.  Popular emulators such as ZSNES, PCSX-Reloaded, and NO$GBA make your favorite console games playable. With an HDMI cable and a few bluetooth controllers, the Litebook instantly becomes a retro console.

Halo Litebook Demonstration

Productivity Software:

Only Office Logo

All Litebooks come with the Open Source Office Suite: OnlyOffice. OnlyOffice is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. We include OnlyWriter, OnlyPresentation, and OnlySpreadsheets free for life. Write, calculate, and collaborate like never before, all without the hefty Microsoft price tag.

WPS Writer on Litebook

Privacy and Security:

App Armor Logo

The Litebook runs Alpha OS, a Linux operating system with a codebase found in countless mission-critical applications.  The Alpha OS source code is publicly available, and is reviewed by developers around the world.  Other companies say they’ll keep you safe, but our community proves it.

Can Windows be installed on Litebook?

All Litebooks support Windows, but we don’t install it.  Not only do we want to create a unified experience, we want to save you the cost of a Windows license (over $100). By not including Windows we are able to make the Litebook roughly equivalent to significantly more expensive systems. Our system will make you forget all about Windows, but if you want to install it, you’ll find the Litebook more than capable.


GPL License Logo      

We plan to donate some of our profits and contribute code to the various open-source projects that power the Litebook. This will not only benefit you, but the hundreds of thousands who already use this software.

Make your voice heard. By buying a Litebook, you’re showing that you disagree with the invasive spying, annoying bloatware, and outrageous pricing of mainstream technology companies. Take your part in the community, and we’ll help you take back control of your digital life.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 x 9.3 x .64 in

Black, Red, White

Display Type

14.1 Inch 1080 X 1920 LCD


Intel Celeron 1.6-2.1 GHz Quad Core (N3150)


4 Gigabytes

Storage Type

Solid State Drive (120GB), Traditional Hard Drive (500GB), Hybrid (500GB HDD + 32GB SSD)


2 X USB 3.0, Auxiliary Out, Ethernet, Micro HDMI, Micro SD

Wireless Type

Realtek Wireless (802.11 b/g/n) + Bluetooth 4.0


One Year

6 reviews for Litebook

  1. Jeffrey Petersen
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Jeffrey Petersen (verified owner)

    Pros: It’s cheap, has passable specs, and runs Linux. Much more useful than a Chromebook.
    Cons: Shipping and support are still getting the kinks ironed out with how new an operation this is.

  2. Todd
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Todd (verified owner)

    The red is NOT red, the serial number on my unit even states that it is pink. Just a word to the wise.
    The machine feels like it was built as a $270 PC. It seems fast, and and Elementary OS seems to be a clean choice for this machine.

    I am happy enough with the purchase, besides the color being miss stated here, that I am thinking about buying the new Centurion model for myself.

  3. S. Bruyere
    Rated 4 out of 5

    S. Bruyere

    Hi !
    This seems to be interesting.
    Is it possible to have an Azerty keyboard because I’m from France ?


  4. Spilo
    Rated 4 out of 5


    it looks very fine. But, i am from germany, and so i need a “z” on the right place ;-). Is it possible to get a german keyboard layout?

  5. Gianfranco Savonarola
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Gianfranco Savonarola

    Dear sir,

    I would like to buy a lightbook but before to proceed i want to be sure that You will install elementare O.S. before delivery it. thanks

    • Director

      Director (verified owner)

      Hi Gianfranco,

      We would be happy to preinstall elementary OS for
      you. Be sure to mention it in the order notes.

  6. Kevin
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Q’s. Is it compatible with Debian OS such as Mint or Kali? Can I manually upgrade the SSD to 512 or larger? Can I manually upgrade the RAM? Or is there a limit on these modifications.

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